Duality: Art + Science
Museum Exhibition

Duality: Art + Science

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Washington, DC

November 2, 2018 – February 1, 2019

The AAAS Art of Science and Technology Program features Jody Rasch’s paintings and drawings in a two-person exhibition which explores duality−abstraction and representation, the literal and the metaphorical, science and mysticism, the unseen and the seen− a predominant theme in Rasch’s work. The artist uses science images to look beyond what we see in the macro world of our daily lives and gets us to question our world-view and how we react to information.

The large-scale exhibition includes work based on themes from astronomy, biology, physics and spectra. The artist transforms images from radio astronomy, electron microscopy, particle accelerators and individual element’s spectra, discovering their underlying patterns and working with color and design to create work that is both representational and abstract. Rasch uses the scientific images as a connection between the unseen and the visible world. The scale of the actual images contrasts with the size of the artwork: the biological and physics images are massively enlarged and the astronomical images are drastically reduced. The goal is to bring the images to a more human scale so that the viewer can relate to the concepts and elements that underlie our world and universe. He utilizes a variety of techniques and media, including oil, acrylic paint, pastels, colored pencil and pen/ink.

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